Bear Hunting

We offer extremely competitive rates for all of our bear hunts which are customized to the needs of the hunters. We offer both gun and bow hunting locations.

Our bear management areas start just 15 minutes from main camp although drop times can vary depending on the size of the group. We offer  fully guided daily drop off and pick up directly to/from the hunting stands ( you hunt solo).Assistance in tracking and retrieval, but you will physically help in the process.  At the main camp there are also facilities to hang and clean your game.

Please enjoy this Bear Hunting video made by a recent group of bear hunters. Give a call and we can set you up for your next Ontario Bear hunting adventure!

2017 Bear Season

First spring hunt in a long time !!  Great activity, lots of bears

100% sighting/shooting

John set the camp record  452 lbs.  set the bar pretty high for his first bear!!!

 Huge for a spring bear!! Congratulations John


Tammy's First Bear

Tammy’s First Bear

Indiana Crew, 6 for 6

Indiana Crew, 6 for 6

John's First Beat 452 lbs

John’s First Beat 452 lbs

John's first Bear 452 lbs

John’s first Bear 452 lbs

Father / son Hunt

Father / son Hunt

Tony (guide) and John , 452 lbs

Tony (guide) and John , 452 lbs

John, 452 lbs

John, 452 lbs

John's First Bear 452 lbs

John’s First Bear 452 lbs

Jim's Bear

Jim’s Bear

Tammy and Jim, Jim's Bear

Tammy and Jim, Jim’s Bear

Fall Hunt:  lots of activity, some colour phase on the cameras, some nice 300 lb’ers.

100% sighting/ shooting

We try and set the bar at the 250+ bears, we get them on camera, then it’s up to you to pull the trigger !!

Booking for next year, have a few spots left.  Limited numbers of hunters taken so book early !!

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