Bear Hunting Prices and Policy

Bear Hunt Policy and Schedules

– Package includes: cabin, daily guide to and from active baited stands, assistance in tracking and retrieval, cooler and freezer space. Usually run Saturday to Saturday but can customize hunts as well.

  • Hunts usually leave main camp just after lunch, travelling to the stands, freshen the baits and dropping off the hunters. Travel time will depend on area being hunted and number of hunters in party. Time can be from 15 minutes to over an hour to the furthest stands.
  • Pickup times from the stands will vary as well, first hunters being picked up just after legal shoot time ends, then other hunters in order. You may be waiting a while, if another hunter has harvested a bear, attempts will be made to locate and possibly load it at time of pickup. I will try to contact all by radio. May- June Hunts- 9:15 PM     Aug – Sept  hunts – 8:30 PM sunset ( approx)
  • 2 way radios are used, but due to the terrain and distances involved when hunting, I cannot guarantee reception. If you shoot early, try to make radio contact with me, every ½ hr or so, I will be roaming the area during the time hunters are on stand. This will make for daylight retrieval and earlier pickups for the other hunters.



If any hunter shoots a bear and that animal can not be found and retrieved, due to loss or absence of a traceable blood trail, that hunter’s tag will be voided—end of hunt !!

Take your time and WAIT for the perfect shot, most lost bears are due to low percentage shots, poorly placed or rushed shots. Considerable time has been put in to target larger bears for your hunts. Let the small ones grow, Enjoy watching them, take some pics, there are big bear there!!

Under certain circumstances, shot bears may be left in the bush over night,

Once the harvested bears are back at main camp, they will be weighed, gutted (if not done in the bush) and hung in cooler for the night. Pictures can be taken the next or following day, then the bears will be skinned, butchered and frozen, ready for transport.

Export permits ($35) and cleaning, skinning and butchering ($150) and bear licence ($250) are not included in the price of the hunt.

2019 Rates: $1500 / hunter- US Funds   taxes extra (13%)

$500 deposit per hunter is  required for a confirmed booking

Have a few spots left for the fall 2019.. Spring 2020 is booked….. Fall 2020 has a couple of spots open.

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