2021 Season ….Border opening

Well finally some good news on the border closures…….

As of August 9 fully vaccinated persons may be allowed to travel for recreational purposes into Canada !!

They are still releasing some of the details on this such as which vaccines are eligible or recognized, pre-travel testing, potential quarantine plans……….going to be a few days to get all the information confirmed .

We will attempt to have the camp up and running in time but it will be a bit of a balancing act as we have some cabins rented for the summer ( our back up operational plan due to travel and covid restrictions )

The 2021 fall bear hunts will not be offered this year due to the late opening announcement and the fact that Tony has an appointment with the local body shop for hip replacement in August and will likely be unable to get all the baiting and guiding done this year.

We will be contacting the hunters on an individual basis and make some kind of plans for future hunts 2022 -2023

It has been a trying time to say the least for the last few years but it seems that we are finally moving forward to resuming “normal ” operations within the near future

We wish to thank everyone involved for being patient and understanding during the last couple of seasons and enduring the whole COVID challenge .

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon and enjoy some laughs and good times, until then, stay safe and stay healthy!!

Carol & Tony

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